Massimo Pedrazzini


Giulia Nobili


Alexander Doll

Jean Bonnavion

Investment Team

The Investment Committee of SSVL (Monaco), is composed of experienced individuals with business, financial and legal, backgrounds and a long track record of working as a team

Gert Steens

Louise Curran

Beniamino Sciacca

Raffael Greiffenberg

Finance, Compliance and Marketing Team

Fabien Tardito

Bruno Scaramella

Cecilia Zucchelli

Network of Advisors

The Advisors bring extensive industrial knowledge and experience that supplement internal research and underpin investments

Peter Bertram

Matteo Bosco

Anthony Bunker

Christian De Prati

Randel Freeman

Ole Mikael Jensen

Karoline Kalb

Fabio Mantegazza

Frank Niedecker

Wolfgang Stumm

Richard Wolman