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Sterling is one of the oldest activist investors in Europe with an impressive 22- year track record. Originally a private activist company, Sterling evolved into the Sterling Strategic Value Fund (“Sterling”) in December 2016.
Sterling has two investment vehicles:

  • Sterling Active Fund (SAF) which was launched on 1 October 2020 and formally created on 1 January 2021. This fund is open for subscriptions.
  • Sterling Strategic Value I (SSV) which is closed to new investors.

Our Structure

Investment Advisor
  • SSVL (Monaco) S.A.M. is the Investment Advisor for Sterling. It provides advisory services, investment analysis and recommendation as well as research to the AIFM.
  • The Investment Committee of SSVL Monaco is composed of 5 experienced individuals with financial, industrial and legal backgrounds and a long track record of working as a team.  The team is further strengthened by a network of Advisors which is made up of senior professionals from a variety of backgrounds who brings unique knowledge and complementary skills.
  • SSVL Monaco is a limited company incorporated in the Principality of Monaco and regulated by the CCAF (Commission de Contrôle des Activités Financières) in Monaco.
Investment Manager
  • Notz, Stucki acts as Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) for Sterling. It is one of the largest and fully independent asset management groups in Europe. Founded in 1964 in Geneva (Switzerland), it has eight offices globally and approximately $10bn AUM. The team at Notz, Stucki responsible for SSVF is based in Luxembourg.
Fund Domicile
  • Sterling Strategic Value Fund S.A. is registered in Luxembourg as a SICAV RAIF

Our Approach

Investment Philosophy

  • Sterling invests in the listed equity of small and mid-cap companies quoted on the major European exchanges. The fund seeks to enhance the value of companies through, where appropriate, an engaged and supportive approach that aligns shareholder and management interests.
  • Sterling operates with no leverage, avoids currency risk and maintains a willingness to retain cash in the absence of opportunities.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Investment Committee (“IC”) Approach
    • Sterling is run by a team of 5 highly experienced IC members governing the investment process and mitigating key-man risk.
    • Multi-lingual team with extensive senior-level networks and complementary backgrounds
    • Supported by a network of Advisors and a team of Analysts.
  • Experienced Activist Investor
    • Sterling chooses to be an engaged, respectful and supportive activist shareholder, to best facilitate the implementation of industrial strategy and measures to improve performance
    • When required, Sterling capitalizes on close working relationships with key stakeholders to deliver on an activist agenda.
    • The Strategy has been run since 1999, making Sterling one of the oldest activist investors in Europe.
  • Network of Advisors
    • Comprehensive access to a knowledgeable network of Advisors and their extensive board/corporate networks supplement internal research and underpin investments.
  • Sustainable Model
    • A business model largely underpinned by permanent capital, a stable IC and a consistent and repeatable investment process.

Investment Committee Sterling’s Investment Advisor (SSVL Monaco) is comprised of an Investment committee, a network of Advisors and a team of analysts.

The Investment Committee of SSVL (Monaco), chaired by Massimo Pedrazzini, is composed of experienced individuals with legal, industrial and financial backgrounds and a long track record of working as a team.

Network of Advisors

The Advisors bring extensive industrial knowledge and networks that supplement internal research and underpin investments

Dr. Tito Tettamanti

Dr. Tito Tettamanti’s career has spanned the legal, public sector and financial professions. Recognised as an entrepreneur, financier, lawyer and author, he has worked, taught and published works on subjects that include the legal system, public policy and investments

After a short time in politics, Dr. Tettamanti started the Fidinam Company in 1960 specialising in worldwide tax advising and real estate consulting. He was very active in the seventies in real estate development mainly in North America, in financing in the eighties mainly in New York, and as an industrialist chairing and controlling a worldwide leading textile machines company in the nineties. Later, he made investments in China-based projects in the area of infrastructure and construction

In 1999 he commenced strategic block investing in companies listed on the European Stock Exchanges as well as in distressed securities in the USA. Until 2012 he was the Chairman of the Board of Directors and controlling Shareholder of Sterling Strategic Value Limited

Furthermore, he is currently Honorary Chairman of the Swiss Verein Zivilgesellschaft (www.zivilgesellschaft.ch) and often participates in conferences, public debates and publishes contributions for daily newspapers and magazines

Dr Tito Tettamanti also held the position of Governor and Vice Chairman of European Policy Forum, London (www.epfltd.org). For many years he has also been a member of the Board of Schweizer Monatshefte (now SchweizerMonat) (www.schweizermonat.ch) as well as of IBL – Istituto Bruno Leoni (www.brunoleoni.it), an Italian Think-Tank. He was also a member of the Board of Trustees of Avenir Suisse (www.avenirsuisse.ch) – the largest Swiss Think-Tank

He is the author of several books – “Welches Europa”, “Manifest für eine liberale Gesellschaft”, “Die sieben Sunden des Kapitals”, ”T contro T – Te le do io il liberismo”, “Flash” and “T contro T – Disuguaglianza, disagio, democrazia”.

Investment Strategy

  • Developed EuropeA concentrated, European focused, long only, value seeking, activist fund undertaking a patient and cautious approach to improve companies with a consistent and repeatable investment process
  • Identify, Understand, FixIdentifying, understanding and fixing stress factors are the core tenets of Sterling’s investment process.
  • Small & Mid Cap FocusedSSVF is largely sector agnostic with an identified small & mid-cap (< €3bn market cap) universe of ~2,300 stocks
  • Multi Stage Proprietary ResearchSterling conducts rigorous multi stage proprietary research utilising industrial expertise and advisors


Contact Us

Investment Manager

Mr. Paolo Faraone (Director & CEO), Notz, Stucki Europe S.A. 11, Boulevard de la Foire L-1528 Luxembourg
Email: paolo.faraone@notzstucki.lu
Phone: +352 26 27 11 1

Investment Advisor

Mrs. Louise Curran (Managing Director), SSVL (Monaco) S.A.M.
27, Boulevard Des Moulins, 98000 Monaco
Email: lcurran@ssvlmonaco.com
Phone: +377 9797 2091

Registered Office/ Administrator

Fiducenter S.A. 18, rue de l’Eau, L-1449 Luxembourg
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